A positive path for spiritual living

2018 Nominees for the Board


Jefferi Covington, Sally Dulcich-Bloom and Thomas Rogalski



As I have grown and have expanded my life’s experiences, I’ve come to realize that there is more of a desire grow in my participation in life around me.  I feel blessed to have found myself in this community of Unity of Syracuse and would look forward to gaining and sharing experience if given the opportunity to serve on the Board.

I have had a variety of spiritual interests, exposures and participation over my life including:  growing up and being baptized and an active member in an American Baptist church, involvement in the Catholic faith and belonging to and participating in committees in a Unitarian Universalist Church in New England.  I have also read a number of books and have explored my spirituality in many ways, and consider myself a student in A Course in Miracles and of life. 

In my professional and personal life, I have had a consistent technical/scientific bent with an appreciation and practice on the artistic side.  Also, as a manager, I do have to manage budgets and have procured major capital expenditures and am responsible to ensure the enrichment of the careers of the people that report to me, while maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality. I have found myself working in groups for the majority of my life and have always been drawn to sharing my knowledge and experience with those that might benefit.  At this stage in my career, I’ve been finding that I am still called on to be a sponge for learning and a teacher, to guide young engineers.  In each of my interactions I will often be teacher, student and collaborator.  In general, I enjoy adding to activities in whatever capacity I can.

The message of Unity resonates in my life and helps me realize the influence of the spiritual source within each of us, whether in this community, or exposed through, to or with this community.  This experience helps to enrich all those with which we join in the fellowship of life.

I have been attending this church for the past few years, have been a member for over a year.  I have been training and serving on the AV team since early last summer, and am in the process of joining the Building and Grounds Team.  I have enjoyed the learning opportunities of the classes I have attended, and look forward to attending whenever I can.  I had been a regular participant in the Course in Miracles gathering, as well.

I have had discussions with senior leadership on the time needs for meaningful participation in the Board processes and I would look forward to growing my involvement in the community in this path to the greatest extent that life will allow.

Submitted in Faith,

Jefferi Covington




Greetings Unity of Syracuse,


My name is Sally Dulcich Bloom and I am submitting my application for consideration for the Unity of Syracuse Board of Directors.


I have called Unity of Syracuse my spiritual home for upwards to 20 years now and have remained committed to the Unity principals and to this community. My life has not only been changed for the better by applying these life principles, but my life has been changed by all of YOU. You have called me higher, you have been my "people" who I can call upon at any time during the trials and tribulations of life and you have also celebrated with me when through prayer and faith, those obstacles have given way to the power of prayer and love.


·        During my years at Unity of Syracuse I have served on the Board of Directors for 2 consecutive terms, the second term serving as Board President.

·        I was the Chairperson for the Ministerial Search Committee and I have participated and served as Team Leader of the Unity Chicken BBQ for many years.

·        I also have the honor of being the Unity Celebration Team Leader and lead the congregation in music the 1st and 2nd Sundays of every month. The Celebration Team has participated in the World Harmony Day for 4 years; we serve quarterly at Mount Zion Church; we have participated in the MLK Celebration for 4 years and we presented our Christmas Play, When Love Was Born in 2016. The Celebration Team is one of my greatest joys in service to this ministry, allowing us the opportunity to take "YOU" higher in song and love!


I served as a Prayer Chaplain for one year which was a great and honor and has brought me to a greater level of understanding affirmative prayer.


Thank you for this opportunity to submit my name for consideration and my husband Michael and I are here for all of you any time 24/7 for you are our Family and we love you ALL!


Respectfully Submitted,

Sally Dulcich Bloom





Please consider me for a position on the board at Unity of Syracuse. I feel that I will be able to make positive contributions to the church through dedicating my time and services by being a member of the board.


Current service:

I am currently a member of the Facilities Team at Unity.



I have attended services at Unity of Syracuse for approximately 5 years and I have been a member for approximately 3 years.


In the past, I have served on the Unity youth group at Unity.


Through the years, I have taken several classes offered at Unity.