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Answer the Muse in Concert

Join us right here at Unity of Syracuse!

Answer the Muse in Concert

Saturday, April 21st at 7:30pm

$10-20 sliding scale basis

Here's what people are saying about Answer the Muse!

"Answer the Muse is a musical group that combines yoga, spirituality, movement and marvelous, unique music into a dizzying blend of an experience. Every time I see them, I come away energized and happy, positive about life and ready to greet whatever comes my way."


"Answer the Muse is not only a collective of extraordinarily talented musicians and singer/songwriters, but also engaging, transformative performance art. More than a concert, ATM is a transcendent experience."


"ANSWER THE MUSE……. A musical ensemble driven by organic originality, creativity and talent that centers itself on peaceful healing and harmony. To me, this is “YOGANIC” entertainment at its finest. RA MA DA SA. Move, dance, and sing along!"


"A multi-talented soul centered musical experience that takes you on a personal musical journey refreshing your mind, body and spirit through music, movement and breath. "


"Answer the Muse will leave you spiritually transformed and musically uplifted."


Let it Be Love:




For more information visit www.answerthemuse.com